Facebook vs. Twitter – Which is better?

I’m always on the hunt to find you the very best tools and resources for marketing online so here’s a new feature I’m adding to the blog… a round-up of my favorite articles and resources.

You may not have time to read all of these articles so just scan through them and find one or two that really resonate with you!

Facebook vs. Twitter

Should you use Facebook or Twitter to promote your business? I think both and here’s why.

Twitter is the new kid on the block and is getting tons of exposure. You can read more about it here: Small businesses use social media tools to attract customers. Your main goal is to find ways to connect with your customers and help them get to know you.

As you share fantastic resources, your potential customers will start to recognize you as an authority on the topic. Not sure what to Tweet About? Here’s a list of the Top Five Types of Twitter Messages to Grow Your Business

Facebook definitely has its advantages, though, and you can read more in this article: 5 reasons Facebook is better than Twitter for your business. I love Facebook for a couple reasons: first, it gives you more opportunities to interact with your friends and fans, especially when all my activities show up on my friends pages. Second, Facebook Events are also a great way to promote your upcoming events and invite your friends.

The trick here is to make sure you have two things: time set aside to devote to social marketing your business and the very best tools set up to make this quick and easy. I went to a client’s office and in an hour we had her set up with her profiles and a quick and easy way to connect both her Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote her upcoming event.

One last resource for you as you contemplate how to increase your authority and credibility online…check out this free resource Authority Rules: The 10 Rock-Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing (read online or via the PDF).

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