Best Facebook and Twitter Questions

Over the last few weeks I’ve been meeting some amazing people as I discuss social media, blogging and website marketing. They have shared some fantastic questions so I thought I would pass them along to you:

How can I schedule my posts to Facebook and my tweets on Twitter?

My two favorite tools for this are and Hootsuite. lets you track the clicks through your links and schedule the time to post on both Facebook and Twitter. It also helps you determine which time of day is the best for you to post. If you are using the Firefox browser, you can add a button to your tool bar so it’s easy to post. This is one of my favorite social media tools.

Hootsuite is an online dashboard for managing your Twitter account. It lets you schedule outgoing tweets, and group the tweets you receive into different categories so they are easier to view (and lots more, too. I just wanted to share the details about scheduling your tweets).

Ali Brown converted her friends to fans on Facebook. How did she do this?

After lots of searching, I found a post that said she contacted Facebook directly about doing this. It’s not a regular feature, unfortunately!

What tool can I use to update all my social networks? is another fantastic tool for posting your status across different social networks at the same time. You set up an account at, add in your information from your different accounts, and then select where you want to post.

With all these different sites, should I post the same thing on all of them?

Yes and no. You can generally do your status updates across the sites, but some items may be a better fit for certain sites than others. For example, I post a lot of tips about Twitter and those generally don’t also go to Facebook. lets you decide whether your post goes to both Facebook and Twitter.

I hope these quick tips will save you some time (and help you post more often)!

Got more questions? Post them in the comments and you may be featured in a future post!

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