RePower America Uses Savvy Social Media Strategy

This week I received an email with the subject line “Call now for clean energy.”

It was intriguing enough to open, and the inside of the message was just as nicely written.

Al Gore and his team at RePower America have put together a savvy system for making it incredibly easy for me to contact my senator about the clean energy legislation under consideration this week. The email included a toll-free hotline to call which would then automatically connect me with my senator’s office. (No wasted time trying to figure out what senator to call or what the phone number is.)

They even told me what I could say to the senator’s office.

Then they asked me to “report my call by clicking here.” RePower America needs to know how many people are calling in, so they collected my email and zip code.

The next screen gave me buttons to quickly and easily share the hotline with my friends, by email, Facebook and Twitter.

I was impressed with this strategy for a couple reasons:

1. RePower made it incredibly easy for me to make an impulse call to their hotline and reach my senator’s office.
2. They are tracking their results so they can report on the ROI of the activity.
3. RePower included social media options with the buttons at the end of the process (once again, making it easy for me and removing any time-consuming barriers that would give me the opportunity to click away).

(Want to know more? Here’s the link to the website.)

So where in your business can you use these three strategies? Are you making it easy for your customers?

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