LinkedIn Adds New “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” Features

LinkedIn is slowly rolling out new features as part of the popular “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” screen.

The first section lets you see the number of viewers over the past ninety days.

LinkedIn's New Who's Viewed Your Profile

LinkedIn’s New Who’s Viewed Your Profile

Each of the four sections across the top lets you see more details. For example, the “1 Viewer found you from your profile update” you get a more detailed screenshot of where they came from:

LinkedIn's New "How Did They Find You" graphs

LinkedIn’s New “How Did They Find You” graphs


Obviously LinkedIn is adding this feature to encourage memberships. When you click on many of these links, you are prompted to sign up for a paid plan. Currently, you can only see the last 5 people who looked at your profile, and if you sign up for a paid plan, you can see who has viewed your profile over the last 90 days.

By the way, if a user has changed their privacy settings to only show up as “anonymous” or as “title” and “industry,” you still won’t see their information even when you purchase a plan.

The second section lets you see details on the last 5 people who have viewed your profile.

The last section gives you suggestions for improving your profile views, included estimated percentages for improvment. I can tell that this feature is still in beta because some of the suggestions are not appropriate for me (one of the suggestions was to add a Summary to my profile, and I already have a Summary).

LinkedIn Get More Profile Views

LinkedIn’s New “Improve Your Profile Views”


Overall, I like this new feature. It gives you more information than the prior screen and gives you suggestions for improvement.

Has your account been updated? Comment below with your thoughts on LinkedIn’s new features.


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