Two Ways to Use Video on Your Lead Generation Pages

Are you capturing your visitors when they get to your site?  It’s getting more and more challenging to get someone to give you their email address.  One of the newest ways to snag more subscribers is to be even more personal — with video.

As laptops have started to include web cameras, more and more people are using video BUT these may not be the best solution.  Why?  Because the resolution is often poor and the backgrounds can be painful to look at (just take a look behind your back.  What would your visitors see?).

This lead capture page uses a very effective high-definition video:

You’ll notice that Michelle McPhearson, the owner of this site, is very engaging, the background is neutral, and the resolution is very high so it feels like she is sitting in your office with you.

As a bonus, she even explained how she created this video cheaply, what video camera and software she used, and how she got an unbelieveable 67% conversion rate on her lead generation page:

What lessons can you take from this example and apply to your site?

If you’re not quite ready for Michelle’s HD savvy presentation, I also recommend for quickly and easily creating lead generation pages with your webcam.  One of the biggest challenges with video is that it uses up a LOT of bandwidth on your site (bandwidth measure how much traffic you have to your site and most of the time, you have a limit on how much bandwidth you can use in a month).

Because video files can be really large, you can go use up your bandwidth in a hurry. Michelle used Amazon’s S3 service to manage her video bandwidth. also takes care of the bandwidth for you so it won’t impact your regular site.

So how will you add video to your lead generation pages?  Can you test video to see if it adds to your conversions?


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