How to Share an Update on LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn gives you a section to share updates with either your Connections or as a public post on LinkedIn?

Your update can be a link to a relevant article in your industry, info about what you are doing, or a video your connections would like.

Your update will also show in the “LinkedIn Network Updates” email that most users receive each week.

If you want to share something on LinkedIn, use the “Share an Update” box on LinkedIn.

Here are the instructions:

  • Click Home at the top left to see this screen below.
  • Type your update into the box.
  • Copy and paste a link into the box.
  • Choose “Share with LinkedIn” for it to be public, “Share with Connections” for just your connections or “Share with LinkedIn + Twitter” to also show up on Twitter.
  • Press the Blue share button.
The update box on LinkedIn

The update box on LinkedIn

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