10 Internet Tools You Gotta Use

If you had to pick ten Internet marketing tools that were your essentials, what would they be?

Suppose the success of your business depended upon how well you mastered these tools… because they would save you time, money and frustration.  You would know what marketing was working (and which were not!).  You’d know what keyword phrases your competition is using (and whether you should use them).  You would be able to find your potential prospects, track them down and get their attention to turn them into long-term clients.

So what are these magic tools?

I’ll give you one of my favorites:  Google Analytics. Google provides an amazing tool to let you track how much traffic your site is getting by day, week, month, etc.; what keyword phrases your visitors used to get to your site; what website referred them to you; and on an on.  It’s free (double bonus!) and you can even get these reports sent to you by email.  Go here to sign up for Google Analytics and then add the tracking code to your website.

List your favorite tools below, and if you want to know my other nine favorites, join me on Tuesday, March 17th for a special event, 10 Internet Tools You Must Use for a Phenomenal Year. Only 20 seats are available for this class so make sure you get registered here.

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