Find Your Teachable Topic with These 8 Questions

Everyone has something they know that they can teach to others.

If you aren’t sure what your topic should be, these 9 questions will help you find your teachable topic?

* What Do You Know? – There is usually something you are passionate about and that you already know that you can teach to others. For example, maybe you know the secret to making the perfect snicker doodle cookie? You can teach the fundamentals of baking a snicker doodle cookie and what is important to make it come out perfect.

* What Is Easy for You? – What do you do that is second nature for you? What is that “thing” that your friends and family are always impressed about – but is easy for you? Really take some time to think about this because we often overlook what seems easy for us.

* What Are Your Strengths? –  Do you like to write, or talk, or make videos? You’ll need to create the content for your course so it’s important to know your preference. Then you can outsource the parts you don’t like to do or the things that aren’t in your wheehouse.

* Who Is Your Audience? – It’s important to start with an audience that you want to teach. Then you can find out what they want to know and create courses for them. Even if you don’t know the material personally, you can interview subject matter experts, or even hire someone to create the course for you.

* What Is the Goal? – Once you’ve decided upon a potential topic, can you figure out what the end goal is? What do you want to teach your audience? What do you want them to walk away from the course knowing?

* What Is the Main Objective? – You need to figure out your main objective for teaching a course at all, then the objective of the course. Do you want to teach them something they need to know so that you can earn extra money from the course, or do you want to teach them something so that they can also learn about other services or offerings you have? Education-based marketing is one of the best ways to introduce prospects to you.

* Is Anyone Else Selling Something in Your Topic Area? – Hop out to Google and take a look at what’s already being sold. You WANT others to be selling in your topic area. Why? Because then you know there are buyers for your topic. And by putting your own spin on the topic, with your voice and your message, you will attract the perfect buyers to your version.

* What Are You Passionate About? – Ideally you want to find the topic you are incredibly passionate about – the one that you spend your weekends on or stay up late reading about. That passion will show and carry over into your course and lead to more success with your marketing.

Teaching online courses can be very lucrative if you find the right information that people want to know, find the right platform, and market the course in a way that gets people to sign up.

The idea for your teachable topic is just the beginning.

Your next steps are to think about what tools you will use to create your course – and where to put it online. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do this – I can help…


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